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Also added some missing data: last swap + table + charts. Also I m in serious need of donations to pay for webhosting, as it ll cost me between $45 - $100 each month to keep providing the service as before. com menu with a new, more extensive Swap Return Calculator. The android app and the mobile site will display live updates now. Allows users to calculate how much profit or loss on a BTC or LTC trade they will have. The calculations would be accurate if returns on swaps would be taken instantly after the daily Swap Return payout. I m waiting for the bitfinex team to provide me with the live swap feed for TH1. Besides USD (in the old calculator) you can now also calculate BTC and LTC Swap returns and the output will be in both BTC/LTC and the equivalent USD values. I ve also added a Sentiment Menu displaying a Long vs Short page and a Volex page. June 21, 2014 More or less back to normal operations. Daily CSV Format Daily Settlement Procedures Historical Daily Settlement Price files contain settlement, volume, open, close, high and low prices for all CME Group products according to our Settlement Price schedule. Basically it is the landing page but optomised for small screen devices. og, but also I can imagine people aren’t always comfortable sharing financial details in public so contacting me by mail is also fine. com you can use this referrer code: UttOzlC1zZ and you ll get a 10% discount on the fees of all trades/margin funding you do in the first 30 days bitcoin price history data csv.

Hope you ll like them and make good use of them. For now I ve relaunched the site, but you ll notice there will be data missing and performance will be a lot slower. November 27, 2014 October 30, 2014 September 18, 2014 Added a page that combines TH1BTC price stats withe TH1 Swap stats bitcoin price history data csv. It is an indication of what returns one might have when auto-renew is enabled for the same rate as the active Swap. See it in action here August 16, 2014 BFXdata is on twitter: @bfxdata I ll be tweeting changes to the site, so If you like to be informed on updates, follow bfxdata on Twitter. Next I ll be building a Swap calculator for FRR Swaps, where the user can specify a period in the past and the calculator will output returns and fees on the variable FRR rate during that period. By accessing this site, you agree that you will not redistribute the website pages and/or the contents thereon to any third party, unless specifically permitted by CME Group or its affiliates in writing to do so. 25 increments and the full-sized S&P 500 contracts in. Easy as that :) By becoming an affiliate of Bfxdata you also help in keeping this project alive. Example: E-mini S&P 500 futures contracts are traded in. Added FRR series to the last offer/demand Swap Charts, since Swap rates are heavely influanced by FRR rates. Close Donate Darkcoin If you have some spare Darkcoin cents and whish to support bfxdata. You won t pay this on top of you normal fees. In plain language: for every hour, every transaction s amount is multiplied by the transaction s rate and and added to a total.

Additionally, the settlement price displayed on the Daily Bulletin matches that of the full-sized contracts for purposes of marking-to-market, as the contracts are fungible, on a 5:1 basis. August 16, 2014 August 15, 2014 Added a page displaying Trade volume specified for the hour of the day / day of the week August 10, 2014 Adressed the depth charts resetting zoom after a update of a chart with new data. Just added a new page with a collection of csv-files.Bitcoin Gold.
. May 2, 2014 Added Profit Loss Calculators for traders. Rgards Bjorn May 23, 2014 A bit easier to remember, please update your bookmarks. The new calculator will display normal and compounded returns on Swaps. I m not sure I ll keep providing this service when it will cost me $45 per month. (vwap explained) It s calculated for each period (1 hour / 24 hours in this case): Sum (Transaction Amount * Transaction Rate ) / Sum ( Transaction Amount ). Big thanks to the Bitfinex team for providing me with the swap transaction data. Added this changelog :) Made a mobile friendly version (similar to the android app). If there are no trades during an interval (like no trade within 24 hours) no value will be returned. .Storj.Decentraland.

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bitcoin price history data csv

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